Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Brawl: Wooky Trouble


Taking leave of Starshine the vobling, Buck & Zarko can't help but to notice a few sidelong glances and shaking heads among the crew. But there's no time to ponder. Leeplo croaks out an alarm! At the same time there's a cackle from Shifty and a yelp of wookish rage. After a brief scuffle in the dark Shifty's laughter stops.

Four shaggy wookies stride fiercely through your ranks, parting your fighters with a Commanding roar. Sugar Ray blanches and ducks behind Creature, and only Mad Muruzabal and One Eye Malone stand their ground unflinchingly.

One of the wookies drags Shifty's limp body with one hand and clutches a wound in his belly with the other. The wooky's fur is dark with blood. He drops the elf roughly to the ground and tosses a bloody shiv onto his body, growling with rage.

Another of the wookies steps forward. His hair is dull grey, patchy save for a wild and tangled mane atop his head, and his flesh is withered. He points a decayed finger at Creature, then at himself, then throws his arms out. Mouth gaping, he rears back and squeaks, "GGGnnnnrrrgaaaagh!"

"GGGnnnnrrrgaaaagh!" one of the other wooks repeats.

[One of you guys got a convincing reason why you understand wooky let me hear it.]


"Uh oh..." says Buck in a low disparaging voice. "Trouble, boys...now what...?" Buck turns to Zarko, "Get Creature and let's start moving the hell away from this place!"


(Looks like we've hung around too long!)

(Ha, ha! This thing has gotten nuts!! Har!! Fun though...Buck bears the burden of some of the chaos...but it takes all of us to 'tango,' as it were, and besides: gotta see how bad we can jack-up the JM's planning! Isn't that always the classic RPG situation? ha!)


[Keep in mind the party is split up in time as well as space. Hobson & Quaz's antics are happening within minutes of the crane fiasco! The rest of you are hours ahead.

[Much fun as it'd be to fly Fable in from Australia and converge in some central location (or better yet fly ourselves down there!) here's one instance that I'm glad we're playing PbP and not tabletop.]


(Ow, wow, i hadn't thought of that, in all this chaos!...yikes...that changes things to some degree)


[You just worry about kicking asses in the Brawl. Or running away from ass-kickers, as the case may be. I'll figure out the rest.]


"Well, Creature," Zarko says. "Do you wanna stand and fight, or should we clear out and live to fight later?

"Whichever you decide, we're with you."

Zarko eyes the bloody shiv and remembers that he 'forgot' to leave his pistol in the locker room. But then, guns make noise...


In the manner of their race the wookies are clad only in their own pelts, and unless their weapons are concealed in compromising places they appear unarmed. Glancing at the shiv Zarko notes that it's crafted in the shape of an elfin ear -- in a shade of blue perfectly matching Shifty Mcjumper's blue skin. Glancing between the blade and the indignant and bleeding wooky he realizes just who shanked who.

[WRT your forgotten gun: you also forgot to tell your JM that you forgot to stow your weapon. It might be wise to remember that you left it in your locker after all. Just sayin.']


Okay, ya got me.

I thought about it earlier, but didn't say one way or the other. Mostly, I've been assuming that I did leave it behind in the locker. So I'll go with that assumption and not try anything funny.

(And it's not because Zarko's afraid of breaking Bigby Smalls's rules; it's that Zarko is afraid of Darryl's Mom breaking Zarko. You don't cross the boss!)

I'd still like to hear a response from Creature before I decide what to do. Although this puts a decidedly different spin on it.


[Wulfgar mentioned upthread he's mid-move, so how 'bout we give him this evening to respond? If he doesn't get a chance to chime in we'll move things along tomorrow.]


Fine by me.


The zombie wookie is lean but hard-muscled despite his withered flesh. He has a wild red mane like the corona of a dying star. His eyes are black marbles, his cheekbones hollow, his nose cracked and dry. He fixes Creature with a wild-eyed stare, then rears back his head and roars threateningly. "RRRrrnnnggrrr!"

Well, his roar would be threatening anyway, if not for the tiny balloon squeak of his voice. His number two wooky steps up and repeats, "RRRrrnnnggrrr!" The half-zombie nods, and begins to walk a wide circle, dragging one foot behind him to mark it off in the dust. He stares at creature the whole time, grinning.

Two other wookies begin making similar circles, snarling and hooting contemptuously at you and your fighters.


"You flea bags need to find something else to do...hate to see you buncha walking carpets trying to walk with an arm shoved up your ass..." Buck has had enough. He not so sure how he'll do against these giant bigfoots, but his patience is to the point where he doesn't really care.


"Kashykk?" snorts one of the wookies. He takes a long sneering look at you. Chuffing with mirth, he finishes drawing his circle and steps to the center. He motions you over then, turns away dismissively.


"Fine, goddamn it.." Buck grits his teeth and grips the pipe he was carrying from earlier. "I'm gonna go see exactly what the stinking problem is here..." Buck takes off walking towards the motioning Wook.....I'm watching for ANY sign that will indicate I can strike or if he intends to....I can't speak Wookie so how do I know he wants to fight? I'm not taking ANY chances.


Buck wonders briefly if the wookies might be enacting some sort of wookish diplomatic ritual, but their body language says fight, no question about it. They ain't drawin' circles in the dirt for a game of duck duck goose.

The other wooky struts about his circle, arms out and palms up, daring anyone to step in. The half-zombie stares at Creature, still angrily squeaking in wookish. It seems safe to assume Creature's parentage, grooming habits and manhood are called into question.

[Rondo: Pipe? What pipe? Citation?]


(Remember? I've been carrying around that piece that I found earlier? I used it in the last fight didn't I? Honestly: I might be imagining it, but I could of swore I had a piece of club or a pipe or somethin!!! Ha)

I'm clubbing the flea bag in the forkin' head right NOW....(and if i don't have that I'm gonna have to just slug him)

Attack: 17 (made it in the clear)
Damage: 6 total (rolled a good ol' four, and +2)
Save: 60 (missed)


[Oh yeaaahh, now I remember. Your mop handle club! Ok-doke.]

[I'll need an initiative roll, too. d10 + your missile damage bonus]


With the bonus, I got a 4, and I'm so glad you remembered my mop handle! I'm probably gonna end up wagging that thing like a tail, anyway. :O


Zarko watches the wooks carefully. Are there just two of them making their half-assed crop circles?

He's also gonna keep an eye on our guys. If the shiv-meister looks like he's gonna get us all in trouble, then he's somebody who needs to be ended right quick. (Or if I missed it and the wooks already ended him then that's fine by me.)


The lowdown as Zarko sees it: Two wookies and a wook-zombie stand in their circles, taunting your crew. Three at full fighting strength, check. The fourth wookie squats besides Shifty and begins tearing the elf's jerkin, making rags to staunch his stab wound. Done for? Not sure. Shifty is smurfed though: out like a little blue lightbulb.

All of your fighters have crowded round to watch, including your sentries. Malone, Bob and Philimon watch the wookies impassively but the rest of your fighters seem a little spooked. Even the boastful Rocketblaster is silent, watching Creature expectantly.

Cursing under his breath, Buck squares his shoulders and steps into the circle with one of the wookies...


"Hey, youse guys!" Zarko barks at the wayward sentries. "Back on watch! And thanks for letting us know a bunch of wookies were sneaking up on us!"

He stalks off, fuming, to see what happens to Buck.


[In defense of your sentries, one of them did his best. The other decided to get all stabby:]

Leeplo croaks out an alarm! At the same time there's a cackle from Shifty and a yelp of wookish rage. After a brief scuffle in the dark Shifty's laughter stops.

[When you have an evil magical birthmark stuff like that happens.]

Leeplo and one of the klengons trot off to guard your flanks.

Zarko watches Buck and the wooky circle each other, taking each others measure in the ring. He's so focused he doesn't have a chance to duck when something dark and squishy bounces off his cheek. Zarko looks down to find a large hairball at his feet, fresh and spitty. The wooky two rings over slaps his knee and wheezes. If wookies had eyebrows, his'd be raised as if to say, "Gonna do something about it?"

[Arrangement of fighting rings: L: hairball tosser, C: zombie-wook, R: Buck & wooky toe-to-toe]

After a moment of pacing around the ring warily, Buck and his foe lunge at each other! The spaceman swings high with his club but the wook is faster, catching him with a sharp jab. Buck rolls with the punch and swings again, cracking the wooky across the cheek. The two reel back from each other, both rocked.

[Buck takes 8 HP damage. If you're going to keep fighting re-roll initiative along with ATT, DAM and save]


Buck shakes his head and spits out some blood. "Wow..ugh..." His vision is a bit blurred and his breathing is bugging him. "Damn...what was the number of that truck?!" he shouts to his comrades. He takes off charging forward attempting to butt his head as solid into the wookie's gut as is possible to wind him.

Initiative: 10 (that's with bonus...d10 right?)
Attack: 62% (made it)
Damage: 6 total
Save: 11% (FINALLY SCORED ONE! ha)


Buck is first to clear his head, and he lunges at the wooky like a blitzing linebacker. The wook takes a wild swing but it passes over Buck's head. The spaceman's helmet and shoulder plow into his opponent's shaggy belly and the speared wooky goes down gasping.

[Feel free to elaborate on your knock out if you want, Rondo! The wooky's not dead or anything, but he's out of the Brawl for sure]

[Hopefully Wulfgar's about done with his move. I'll probably post again tomorrow noonish. Want to give Coffee a chance to respond to the wet hairball barrage.]

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