Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thorax, Level 1

Name: Thorax
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Level: 1

Mutations: Cranial Feelers

ADA: 13
DEX: 12
ESP: 9
INT: 7
LEA: 8
LUC: 13
MAG: 4
ROB: 14
STR: 18

HP: 16
Melee Damage +8
Missile Damage: +2
XP: 50
Bare Hands Damage: 1-6
GCs: 0

Alchemist: 8%
Appease: 56%
Argue: 34%
Camping: 63%
Clue: 29%
Command: 41%
Command Energy: 18%
Command Matter: 14%
Conjure: -3%
Consume Alien: 10%
Crowd Manipulate: 16%
Enrich: 24%
Ensorcel: 15%
Experience Bonus: 1%
Great Feat: 41%
Guard: 69%
Happenstance: 28%
Invisibility: 78%
Labor: 92%
Lesser Feat: 100%
Logic: 35%
Machine Friend: 40%
Magical Attack: 6%
Melee Attack: 111%
Missile Attack: 59%
Mistaken Identity: 16%
Monster Friend: 10%
PSI Resist: 10%
Psychic Implant: 7%
Read Minds: 20%
Restore Courage: 21%
Saving Throw: 18% (28% save by shield)
Scholarship: -1%
Seduce: 0%
See the Future: 2%
Sneak: 20%
Sneak Attack: 42%
Steal: 19%
Survival: 42%
Unpleasant Order: 70%

EQUIPMENT: Dual-Bladed Psi-Knight Saber Hilt (broken, used as black hole metal club), wilderness gear (too small), modern grenade, iron-shod shield.

INOPERABLE EQUIPMENT: power lighter, witch indicator, self-adjusting trephanation kit, pan-species prophylactic.

Dual-Bladed Psi-Knight Saber Hilt stats: DAMAGE: 2-12; RANGE 1"; SCARE 28%
Modern Grenade stats: DAMAGE: 1-12; RANGE hurl; -10% per 1”


ESCAPED FROM THE RADIUM MINES OF THE NETHERWORLD! Inside, where no one can see, Thorax sheds a tear for his parents. Alas, Mandible and Ovipositor were too afraid of the Great Sky Light to join him in his desperate break for freedom. But they taught their son well: always tell the truth, obey the insectile overlords, call all men brothers despite whatever hideous mutations the glowing ore has blessed them with. Someday, Thorax will re-enter the cracks in the mountains near God City from which he crawled into the light, and he will set his people free.

TAUGHT BY THE GREATEST OF PSI-KNIGHTS! Thorax always knew he wanted more than the waxy but filling scrapings from an overlord's dermal gland. But he had no idea what more there was to want until Razbap, Mind-Master of the Dual Blades, crashed down from the surface world through the roof of a mine tailing chamber. The fall sorely injured the mighty knight, who ordered the amazed Thorax to keep his distance lest he be consumed by the psionic transference of pain. The young slave took every opportunity to return to the chamber and learn from the crippled master. He eagerly absorbed the lore of the surface world, the potent tricks of the psi-knights, and most eagerly of all the seven highly effective routes to stimulate female desire. He learned, too, to weave his cranial feelers into his dreadlocks and pass for normal. Eventually the day came when Razbap had nothing more to teach his student, and bid him climb towards the light. Thorax refused to go without the wounded psi-knight--only to discover that all this time, nothing truly remained of Razbap but a pile of his clothing and gear. Thorax had been instructed… from beyond the grave!

BROKE AND DESPERATE! Thorax has no gold credits to his name. Shortly after emerging, blinking, into the world under the sky he was accosted by a group of ruffians who insisted that he repay them a large sum of said credits. This case of mistaken identity, brought about by Thorax's having donned Razbap's characteristic gear, thoroughly confused the ruffians (especially as they noted that the clothes were obviously the wrong size for the hulking human). Thorax was similarly confused by the persistence of these aggressors in not yielding to his mental dominance. Eventually the situation degenerated into violence, to the great relief of all involved. Thrashing the thugs reassured Thorax a great deal, but the truth is that he hasn't eaten for days and is beginning to realize how thoroughly he is out of his element.

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NOTE: corrected your hit points to 16; PCs start with max HP!