Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fightin' Words!

When testing your mettle in the arts of war, please include the following for each round:

trogHammer by Paul Conrad; click through to visit his site!Melee or Missile Attack roll
Damage (if you hit)
Saving Throw (at least one each round even if you aren't directly engaged in melee)

Initiative is only necessary at the beginning of battle, unless requested by the JM. Initiative is rolled on d10, +/- the missile damage modifier from your DEX score. Pioneers include their class bonus to missile damage as well, based on their quick draw training. Warriors do not add their damage bonus to initiative.

Additional actions may be possible depending on circumstances. In general, if you want to use one of your percentile abilities, go for it. Rather than asking first if you can try something I'd rather you just went ahead and made the roll -- keeps things moving along. I'll rule on what happens based on the situation, the success of the roll, and the mysterious precepts of True Scientific Realism as I understand them.

If you prefer to simply post your attack and defense rolls that's fine -- I'll just add in description as needed and (hopefully) appropriate for your character. But please feel free to describe any combat maneuvers in more detail.

(For additional notes on grappling and other combat maneuvers see that post)

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