Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year / Head Count

Hope everyone had a grand winter holiday, and a Happy New Year! Hope your families are well, your celebrations festive, your bellies filled and your hangovers mild.

Now that the holidays are passed (well, almost: Happy Epiphany!) I'm hoping to get things back to a more or less daily posting pace during the week. If you can, chime in on the current in Character thread soon. If not, please leave a quick comment on this post or send me an email letting me know your deal.

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Rondo said...

Due to continuing internet problems out here in the Land of Perpetual Morons, combined with my teaching load and trying to finish "FANG!", I'm gonna have to pull for some time...feel free to run "Buck Pulsar" as an NPC, or whatever you want, or maybe he'll end up suspended in a time warp or something...I'm so sorry, I just don't have time to play right now and don't want to commit to something I'm having a hard time keeping up with...half the time I can't even post because of the computer problem (working on my OWN blog is going to be S L O W if at all as well), and work is out: it's just too busy!