Saturday, August 2, 2008

Character Creation

Ability Scores
3d6 in order, natch.

Hit Points
Begin play with the maximum for your character class. Dual class characters begin with the average of their two classes, rounded down.

Races, Hybrids and Character Options:

All standard races, cyaborgs, half-born, etc. are available.
Additional races: Cyclopeans, Hutts and Duckoids (Asteroid 1618, download or view pdf at EC group > Files > Game Aids & Resources),
Mike David's Insectors, Mantopi, Ratlings, and Sages (RPG Fun Pad, here),
Bulterrians (M65Q, here),
and Zombies (M&B, here).

If you choose a non-standard race let me know before character creation as I may make some modifications.

If you are making a half-born or cyaborg character, there's a handy chart by Jeff Rients at the EC Group detailing stat bonuses and maluses (EC group > Files > Game Aids & Resources > EC Races). If you are playing a half-human, reduce one stat bonus *and* one penalty by one point, player's choice.

Core chart from the rulebook and my expansion posted to the EC message (EC group > Files > Rules Expansions & Variants > EC mutation expansion) list are available. If you choose to use the expanded chart please roll randomly to determine the chart to be used for each mutation.

Character Classes:
In addition to the six core classes the (Variant) Biker and Scientist/Mad Scientist classes and the Wrestler subclass are available (EC group > Files > Rules Expansions & Variants).

Character Portraits:
A character sketch or HeroMachine portrait will earn you 50 XP.

Post your character sheet in the comments of this post or email it to me. I'll post it to the blog and link it from the sidebar. Game on!

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