Thursday, August 28, 2008

After the Barf


Buck surveys the damage around Rollo's. (what's the scene? People wiggin' out, er what?) Buck goes over to the Creature, "Good boy....!" pats him on the shoulder..."You okay?"

Buck turns to Pixie, "How about gigging with us? We could use some brains and brawn. Pay may not be perfecto right this second, but I plan on making some dough in this town pretty quick. If you ain't interested in tagging along with us, I bet I could get you hired over at Churchy's in about five seconds, after this, but then again you seem like you might be a little too bright for any of this slopping hash biz."


"Churchy's?" Zarko asks, innocently. "What, they open that dive again?" He rolls his eyes, then throws Pixie a wink.


Creature shakes the ogress's head a little bit (like Kong shaking the dead T-Rex whose jaw he just snapped). Satisfied that she is dead, he intones: "Creature no like this place. Creature no eat here anymore. Where is Bigby Smalls."

Dr Rotwang!

"Sorry," bleats Quazarn to the Verminatrix. "I didn't -- " His face contorts into the kind of look you see in cheap slapstick holos. "Toss me a Sensor Ring", he mutters, "is that stink coming out of me...?"

Bemused by the, umn, proceedings, Quazarn, The Cool Guy, straightens himself out, shakes out his collar, brushes a speck off of his sleeve and casually (though with an unmistakable look of surprise on his face) leans against a nearby pole.

He holds up his hand in the Universal "I'm Cool" sign, and nods consensually at Buck and The Creature.


In the aftermath of the puke fest and punch-up the burger shack that used to be Rollo's is quiet. The Honchos are gathering up their leather trenchcoats to leave, one of them clearly still on the edge of hysterics despite his efforts to look tough. The dwarfess at the bar coughs up a final butterfly. Here and there a dry heave or a wretched gasp interrupts the low murmuring of voices.

"Blasted she-goat had it coming...."
"...thought she was a him?..."
"...the hell's an Entropian anyway?"
"...getting so's ya can't eat a burger in this town..."
"...hooked on polymorphine..."
"...the cops?"
"Ppfft. GCPD couldn't find dirt if that there frankenstein were standin' on thur heads"

"Maybe you're right," says Pixie to Buck and Zarko, rubbing the back of her neck. "Slinging suds and cuds is just a day job anyway. Sure as hell not going to Churchy's." She calls out to the Creature, "If you want Bigby you'll need to talk to Darryl's Mom."

Gold and purple butterflies swoop lazily around the room, flashing like neon in the late afternoon sunlight shining through a high window.

[Sorry boys, Critical Failure vs. Poetaster at the end there. I'll try not to let it happen again ;D]


"Darryl's mom....Darryl's Mom is hawt" remembering the writing on the bathroom stall. "Where is Darryl's Mom?" Creature asks Pixie as he makes his way toward the rear exit of the restaurant.


Buck turns to Zarko, "You know much about this Bigby Smalls? We need to get Creature to this character. Whaddya think?"

To Pixie: "We're glad to have you aboard. Do YOU know anything about either Smalls or Daryl's Mom? You know what gang, let's get out of here. I don't think it's a good idea for all of us to be hanging around."


[Do I know anything about Bigby Smalls?]


[Yea, anyone that does know anything, let's figger this out...I'm not sure who knows what either...I also vote that we get the hell out of this bar pretty quick.]


[Creature has already shared what he knows. He's heard some other rumors as well, but they don't seem relevant to our current situation.]


"Hey know this situation better than us....where can we find 'Daryl's Mom,' and for that matter, who the heck is she?"


[Zarko knows about what the others do: Bigby runs the premier underground battle royale this side of the Sea of Peril. This is the first he's heard it's in God City this year.]

"We're glad to have you aboard Pixie. Do YOU know anything about either Smalls or Daryl's Mom? You know what gang, let's get out of here. I don't think it's a good idea for all of us to be hanging around."

"Wait a minute there, ace," Pixie shakes her head, untying her apron and using the clean inner surface to wipe her face and arms. "Two off-worlders, a frankenstein and an ape bust down my crazy tweaker boss, fine. You did me a solid, thanks. But you think I'm gonna run off with you? Have a team up?" She drops the crumpled apron to the floor. "Un Unh. I lost a job, not my mind."

"Hey know this situation better than us....where can we find "Daryl's Mom", and for that matter, who the heck is she?"

"I heard you twice the first time," the Vulkin says irritatedly, then shrugs. "Dunno who she is, but her name and number's written on half the bathroom walls in the city." Her voice softens. "Look, you fellas seem okay to me, but like I said this is just a day job. My band is really my thing. The Electric Bugbear? We're playing a show on Freeday1, down at Heebee Jeebee's Warehouse. Maybe I'll see you guys there."

She raises her palm in her own gesture of Cool. "Get rich, boys, but don't die tryin.' "

1 Days of the week, Vanth

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