Friday, August 1, 2008

The Creature, Level 1

Name: Von Richthofen's Creature
Class: Warrior
Current Level: 1
Race: Frankenstein (Cave Primitive)
Mutations: Cranial Feelers

ADA: 4
DEX: 5
ESP: 3
INT: 4
LEA: 5
LUC: 11
MAG: 13
ROB: 16
STR: 17

Hit Points: 16
Melee Damage Bonus: +7
Missile Damage Bonus: -4
Bare Hands Damage: 1d6+7
XP to Qualify for Next Level: 469

Appease: 31%
Argue: 21%
Camping: 9%
Clue: 25%
Command: 16%
Command Energy: 3%
Command Matter: 1%
Conjure: 7%
Consume Alien: 2%
Crowd Manipulate: -5%
Enrich: 20%
Ensorcel: 88%
Experience Bonus:0
Great Feat: 31%
Guard: 75%
Happenstance: 23%
Invisibility: 39%
Labor: 100%
Lesser Feat: 100%
Logic: 34%
Machine Friend: 47%
Magical Attack: 37%
Melee Attack: 107%
Missile Attack: 37%
Mistaken Identity: 14%
Monster Friend: 46%
PSI Resist: -4%
Psychic Implant: 1%
Read Minds: 13%
Restore Courage: 0%
Saving Throw: -1%, (42% w/Armor&shield)
Scholarship: -7%
Seduce: -31%
See the Future: 16%
Sneak: 20%
Sneak Attack: 11%
Steal: 5%
Survival: 40%
Unpleasant Order: 84%

Bullet Proof Vest, Save 15%, Move 6-1/2, STR 10
Iron Shod Shield, Save 28%, Move -1,

Hand Weapon:
Black Hole Metal Club (Police Baton), Damage 2d6+7, Range 1, Scare 28%

Ranged Weapon:
Walther PPK, Damage 1d6-3, Short 16, Long 95, Minus 3%

Other Equipment:
Slave garb, utility belt with pouches

Money: 26 Gold Credits

In the olden days of yore, Young Yuri Von Richthofen grew up in the shadow of his father, the world renowned cave primitive fighter ace. Unable to follow his father into the world of aerobatics due to a freak accident during a game of bloody knuckles, Yuri instead went into the field of mad science. After years of laborious study and grave robbing, Yuri succesfully built his creature. Unfortunately, for Yuri, the creature soon escaped and fled into the frozen wilderness of northern Vanth.

Not too long ago, a research expedition uncovered the frozen creature locked in the polar ice. After thawing out, Creature thanked the scientists and went on his way. After a misunderstanding with the God City Police Department, Creature finds himself nicely equipped for a life of adventure.

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