Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Watch out all you rock an' rollers...

Some news and notes...You'll probably have noticed two new faces by now. We've had some changes to our roster, with two new players joining us! Tavis will be playing the warrior Thorax, and Jonathan will run Oolak, apish Psi-Knight. Welcome aboard fellas!

Sadly, Dr Rotwang has left the game, overburdened as he is with running PbEM games at work and workshopping new stand-up routines. I mock him out of love; Quazarn and his antics will be missed.

In general news, I've added blog post and comment feed links to the sidebar, which make for a handy way to keep up with the game. That said, at the moment we have a player with a busted internet connection and another moving, and the looming holidays as well. Understandable if posting is a bit light over the next week or two. Spare a post when you can, and Bog bless you, every one!

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