Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Brawl: Send in the Goons


Buck shouts to the orderly, "These idiots are starting to bug me..I'm losing patience with this entire situation...I'll take you at your word; you help my young friend..keep him alive...and I'm getting ready to take this bunch to the cleaners, if I can.", he stands up, fists at his side and gritting his teeth.

"Creature!", he points at the approaching goonsquad. "These men...bad! They want to hurt Buck and Daryl!"

(I'm gonna look over the medics, the ground, anything....since we were sent in here practically naked, I'm looking for SOMETHING that will even the odds a bit...a club of some sort would be ideal, but I'll use anything)

Clue: 27%
Rolled: 89% (sh*t!)

Explore: 50%
Rolled: 16%

(throwin' my chances here...not sure what counts, if anything)


drawing by our very own Rondo!The goons charge forward, shoulders stooped and long arms swinging. Buck instinctively notes the locations of the two nearest retreat chutes, but hasn't a guess what he might use as a weapon.

The goblin medic is luckier, happening on a mop handle that must have dropped out of the wrecked medevac crane. He breaks it over his knee and hands half to Buck. Creature stands grimly at Buck's side, and Zarko lurks nearby, as tight-lipped as ever. The Gibbon and a few other fighters step up to help defend the fallen...

[Now armed with a simple club, D 1-4]


Buck takes a whack at the first stupid bastard that comes across his path.
Melee Att: 64%
Rolled: 64% (wheew!)
Damage Rolled: 4...+2 (6 total)


Creature looks slightly confused and wonders what we're doing.


(I don't know what to do either, but I'm not getting manhandled by a buncha goons coming out of chutes!)


[I thought the goons were after Qurazan? Are they coming for us too? If Darryl's being taken care, and pointy head is leaving (or being escorted off) the premises, aren't the rest of us good to get back to brawling?]

Creature will defend himself against anyone who attacks him, and will do so with extreme prejudice, but he won't start anything with the goons if they look to be under control and just trying to take Quarzan out of here.


[My understanding was that there was a heap o' enforcers coming towards us. If this is not accurate, then I do not commit to actions, but that's what I understood.]


A commotion from the center of the arena interrupts the apothecary. "Of all the...this is fan-yarking-tastic." Up from the tunnel hunches a hulking twelve foot tall brute, followed by five or six just like him. A prodigiously mustachioed dwarf herds them along with a whip.

"If you want to help your friend, help me guard the wounded. Chief Ball-tard sent in the Goon Squad."
The goons sniff the air as they enter the arena, catching the sweat of battle. Despite the shouted commands of the dwarven wrangler, they begin stamping and shoving. Three goons charge off into the arena, swinging their fists wildly as they go. Two others nearly trample Quazarn on their way to the heap of unconscious fighters. [emphasis added]

[Basically, Chief Tallbard chose cut rate security and a incompetent goon trainer. Perhaps a strongly worded letter of complaint is in order?]


Ok. Creature stands nearby Darryl as the medics tend to him. If the goons try to lay a finger on Darryl, Creature will break that finger off. If they want to beat on the other losers, they can have at it as far as Creature is concerned.


[They's coming, best roll your Attack, Damage & Save. Need a Saving Throw from Buck.

[What's Zarko up to?]


Hanging out with Creature. If anyone gets behind him, they'll have to face me.

Darryl's out cold, so he's done his bit. Me, I'm protecting my investment.


Saving Throw:21%
Rolled: 27% (missed just barely)


For Creature:
Attack: 66% Hit
Damage: 11
Saving Throw: 90% Fail

If the goons attack, Creature will smash the head of the closest one between his two monster hands- like a monkey banging a pair of cymbals.


(I was wondering the same thing. I'm at least "Clued in" as to some decent escape areas, but we gotta get outta this thing....there's an endless stream of backup support and only a few of us).


The goons stomp forward. Buck thwacks one in the shin, slowing it just enough for the goblin medic to smash its big toe. The goon grabs its foot and stands one leg wailing in pain. It stinks like livestock rolled in...potpourri?1

The other goon bends low as it charges, and Creature wallops it up both sides of its head, smashing its ears. It staggers back, stunned.

[Both goons rolled Critical Failures on saving throws -- which I've decided means you lose your next attack! Truly the PCs are blessed by fate.]


Creature tries to grab one of the stunned goons and hurl him into the rest of the approaching horde.
Attack: 68% HIT
Damage: 11
Feat: 92% Succesful for a Lesser feat (rated 100%), fails for greater feat (rated 31%)
Saving Throw: 23% GOOD



Creature grabs the reeling goon by the ankle, trying to topple it backward, but it shakes its head and kicks out its leg. His shield takes the brunt of the impact, but the kick sends Creature sailing back into the heap of bodies.

[1 HP damage]

[And with that I really gotta go find a grindstone and put my nose to it. Workity-work. Update late tonight, but I'll be around over the weekend.]


Buck is trying to get a glimpse at what's going on with Daryl. Has he come around? or is the situation bad enough that he's still out cold?


Zarko and the Gibbon watch Creature tumble overhead, booted by the goon. The frankenstein lands in the pile of bodies with a grunt. The goon rears up, waving its arms over its head in triumph. Now Creature is behind Zarko.

The other goon winces when it puts weight on its swollen toe. It looks dumbly back and forth between Buck and the goblin and slowly seems to realize the cause of its ouchie. Clenching its teeth it growls and flexes at the two of you.

[I'll need initiative rolls from Creature, Buck and Zarko. Let's try d10, +/- DEX modifier to ranged damage.]
1 Per Rondo's write-up of the goon, there's a "35% possible mutation from the mutation charts," in this case Narcotic Odor

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