Monday, October 13, 2008

Hobson & Quazarn: Police and Thieves

Hobson and Quazarn have finally given Chief Tallbard the slip, or so they think...

Age of Fable

I'll continue with my plan to rob the lockers, unless Quazarn objects:
  • pick the locks, or shoot them off.
  • have the door closed.
  • lock the door if it locks, or if not have Quazarn stand against it, so that we know when the Chief's coming back.
Age of Fable

I convinced the camera-bot to stop recording. Hopefully there aren't any other cameras around [have I noticed any?].


[Shooting the locks with your crossbow just ain't gonna work, you quickly deduce. Maybe if you had some Oliver Queen Model Torsion Bolts.

Just to keep things rolling, go ahead and make 3 percentile rolls for me.]

Age of Fable

54, 13, 84

Dr Rotwang!

[No objections, but how are we gettin' outta here?]


Once the Chief is out of sight Quazarn & Hobson duck into the locker room. There's no sign of Chet the orcish orderly, nor anyone else, and Hobson doesn't spot any cameras on the way.

A black mood seems to have come over Quazarn, who stands watch near the swinging door of the locker room, brooding silently. Striving for an air of mystery and danger, the effect is spoiled by the conehead's quivering lower lip.*

Hobson sets to the lockers with a bobby pin and a laminated library card, and thanks to shoddy craftsmanship opens the first two lickety split. His findings, alas, are meager: in the first is only a Beggar's Guild sun-visor, a tin cup and 2 GC; in the second a monks cowl, a string of plain wooden prayer beads, and an iron-shod staff. The third lock just won't tumble.

*[My thought here Doc, is that since you're on vacation Quazarn is under a morbid psychometric cloud. Feel free to chime in if/when you can but if you don't get a chance he'll just follow Hobson around. Cool?]

Dr Rotwang!

Aces. Thanks!

Age of Fable

I'll try all the lockers unless something interrupts me.


[Great. Go ahead and give me three new percentile rolls -- you're rolling steal, by the way, with some bonuses behind the JM screen. Every three lockers takes you about 5 minutes -- I'll post your findings and any other events of interest after each set of rolls.

[Do let me know what, if anything, you're *removing* from the lockers.]

Age of Fable

I've done a few 'sets' of rolls:

[67] [1] [21]
[10] [47] [22]
[6] [92] [100]
[47] [32] [93]
[69] [25] [35]


Hobson makes his way methodically down the row of lockers. The first lock he tries comes apart in his hands, but the door itself is stuck tight. In frustration he bangs the door with his fist...and the next locker down swings open!* After that Hobson has much better luck, and has four more lockers open in a wink and two shakes.

Sadly he doesn't find much of interest: street clothes, smelly shorts, a few protein bars and a single dented gold credit. There's a spiked morning star in one locker, and a hobling-sized suit of quilted armor in another.** The only other item of note is a mottled purple melon -- a boomango [i.e. primitive grenade].

There's a sound of singing from the corridor. "Forsooth," sighs a world-weary Quazarn. "Chief Tallbard!"

*[This Fonzie moment brought to you by a critical success -- Australians know who the Fonz is, yeah?]
**[would add 33% to your Save, but reduce your movement to 3" and lower your melee ATT by 18%]

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