Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Brawl: They Shoot Warlocks, Don't They?


With a loud sizzle a great gob of green foam wooshes over Quazarn's head, landing on the ground in front of him. The second gob hits in the crowd gathered nearby, covering one of the gawkers completely with fast-hardening foam.

The third gob hits Quazarn in the small of the back. He feels the foam spreading quickly over his limbs. It's not at all unpleasant, really, just a tingly warmth. It's almost enough to distract him from the foam shell forming around his arms and legs...

Dr Rotwang!

"What the gorp? Fool! You foolish goblin, you didn't --"

[Okay. Lesser Feat to scrape the stuff off my legs and arms?]


[Go for it. Feel free to roll away when you propose using an ability -- I'll work with it unless your suggestion strikes me as totally whack.

[The shooting is coming from the guard towers, just to clarify.]


[Restraint foam! That's what I figured: we actually trained with this stuff back when I was a prison guard (though we never used it).]


Buck makes sure Darryl is getting some med attention, and indeed it does seem genuine. I'm rolling against Invisibility to work more or less unnoticed to help Quazarn get the hardening foam scraped off. "Looks like they intend on arresting us and holding us....you wanna haul it out of here if we can?" he exasperates to Quazarn.

Invisibility: 73%
Rolled: 15%

Buck is going to use Logic to deduct the best exit from this place in case we decide as a group to make a run for it (not that this is the best solution...perhaps "Negotiate" might be smarter! Want to see what the rest of the party is thinking).

Logic: 84%
Rolled: 11%


As the goblin medics wait for stretchers Buck eyes the retreat chutes here and there throughout the arena. He notes they are closer than the main ramp leading off the field of battle. It also dawns on him that there's no way for him to help Quazarn inconspicuously*. The warlock is the center of attention, not least of all from the disenchanter, which has turned his way again, curling its trunk inquisitively.


[*A warlock could use magic to turn truly Invisible, I'll note. Under the circumstances the cost, if successful, would be 1 percentile point from any MAG ability score.]

Dr Rotwang!

Reaching into his seldom-used physical prowess, Quazarn swears loudly, "Strapting Panderwives!" and scrapes away the offending foam! [Lesser Feat roll of 33%]

"I'll meet you at the van," he mutters to Pulsar, and covers his face with his hands -- wipes them downward --

-- and dashes away, totally oblivious to the fact that he has not, in fact, turned Invisible. [Invisibility roll of 68%]


[Whither goest thou, O Conehead?]

Dr Rotwang!

[Lockers. You know, where the hobling was.]


Creature waves goodbye to Quazran.



Buck bursts out laughing, "Don't worry Creech," he says, patting Creature on the arm. "He goes away...but we'll see him again," he's making a 'let-your-fingers-do-the-walking' marching gesture to Creature.

"Okeedokee!"....Buck returns to the Creature and Daryl. He barks at one of the medics, "Help my buddy here," and points to Daryl, "..and if your idea of medical help is hauling off the injured with a crane, then you and I have problems, bub..." Buck is watching to make sure this thing is legit. "He dies, and there's going to be a hell of a lot of problems for everyone."


The goblin stares at Buck like he was a puppy that just peed on the rug. "Maglubiyet!" curses the medic. "We ain't runnin' a research hospital here, pal. But we know a thing or two about patching up fighters. I cornered Lou Diamondhead Phillips! The South Mountain Screwdriver? That damn 'droid went berzerk twice in one week and I kept his gears turning. I think I can --"

A commotion from the center of the arena interrupts the apothecary. "Of all the...oh this is fan-yarking-tastic." Up from the tunnel hunches a hulking twelve foot tall brute, followed by five or six just like him. A prodigiously mustachioed dwarf herds them along with a whip.

"If you want to help your friend, help me guard the wounded. Chief Ball-tard sent in the Goon Squad."

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