Friday, September 26, 2008

The Brawl: Darryl's First Round Double Knockout


[For round two same procedure as before, but roll initiative as well, classic D&D style, adding or subtracting Ranged Damage modifier if any.

[RE: combat descriptions:

[If you prefer to simply post your attack and defense rolls that's fine -- I'll just add in description as needed and (hopefully) appropriate for your character. But please feel free to describe any combat maneuvers as descriptively as you like and I'll work it in.]


Is that group initiative or individual? You might be surprised how many "classic D&D styles" there are.


[You're right, Wulf, of course. Should have been more specific but I was rushing out the door. For this combat: individual initiative on d6, combat sequence stays the same round to round unless you face a new opponent.

[In a more organized battle I'll lean toward group initiative.]


Buck throws a "1" on the d6 initiative roll.


[I wasn't very clear above. You get to add your Ranged Damage Bonus, so that's 1+3=4. Go ahead and state what you'll be doing this round and make any melee ATT or ability rolls, damage, and a saving throw.]


Oh! Sorry, boss! Wasn't paying attention.....okeedoke: Buck is going for a straight uppercut to the chin if possible.
% Roll: 21% (pass)
Damage: 1 +2=3
Save: (I THINK my save is a poor 21%, from what I'm seeing on the sheet) oooow: "71%"


(Sorry I missed the first round yesterday -- work was insane.)

Zarko gets a "1" on the die for initiative -- adding in the "ranged" bonus on +4 gives 5.

Zarko didn't take off his armor (hey, they didn't say I had to, right?).

He goes after the Wooky that's on Darryl.

Melee attack: 55%. Roll of 49 hits!
Damage: 2 (but my bonus is +0, so I got that goin' for me...)
Saving Throw: 37%, and I rolled 29.

(My dice love me this round! But that'll change soon...)


Last round: Creature grabs the nearest opponent by the back of his neck and slams him face first into Creatures shield. The dude drops to the mat. "Next" groans the Frankenstein.

This round:

Initiative: -3 (1+ranged damage modifier (-4))
Attack: 48% Good
Unarmed damage: 8
Saving Throw: 53% Fail


[target selected at random, again?]


Max [target selected at random, again?]

Sure, as long as it's not one of our guys.

[OOC: Hmmmm...that gives me an idea. Maybe the best way to accomplish our mission vis a vis Regina is for one of us to 'accidentally' give Darryl a right cross that sends him to the mat and out of the contest -- dazed but alive. What do you guys think?]


[Hmm...not bad, Wulfgar....let's resort to that if Daryl starts taking a beating, but let's let the kid hang in there for a tad....that IS indeed a good idea....just want him to really feel like he's had a chance at the fight at least....he's likely to remember when he wakes up who k.o.'d him, so we should give him a chance at it, BUT stick close by!]

Dr Rotwang!

[INITIATIVE: 4-1 = 3
MELEE: 40 (Skill 68%; hit!)
DAMAGE: 2+3 = 5 (Strength of 14; who'd'a thunk?)
SAVE: 46 (Save+Armor = 32%)]

Snarling in a moment of adrenalin-fueled abandon, Quazarn growls at the lizard and lashes out with a fearsome backhand! Following the strike, however, he scuttles back towards Darryl, covering his open flank.


Buck circles the Gibbon, keeping out of the ape's reach. When the ape misses with a looping overhand right, Buck steps in and connects with a quick jab. The Gibbon rolls with the punch and the two fighters continue circling.

"Next" groans Creature, stepping over his first victim. A blindfolded elf in violet robes steps forward calmly, chanting mystically, "The heart is the strongest muscle. The spirit is the apple of the mind's eye. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." Before Creature can raise his shield the elf leaps high and lands a flying head kick...

...which barely musses the frankenstein's hair. Creature simply walks through the elf, barreling him over, stomping on the elf's stomach, sternum and neck and right on by. Wheezing, the elf rolls to his knees and pushes up his blindfold. It doesn't take a mind reader to see the panicky look in the elf's eyes when Creature turns around. Gathering up his robe he scampers away.

[Creature: take 1 hp damage]

The lizard man makes a sound like a leaky bicycle tire, flicking its tail. "SSsshepreeem..." As Quazarn scrambles to his feet the whip-tail lashes out, just missing his pointy head. Springing up, the suddenly bold warlock lands a desperate backhand. The lizard deflates, sinking first to its knees, then slumping forward unconscious.

Quazarn rushes to Darryl's side. It isn't going well for the youth: the midget wook is on the lizard boy's back, shaggy arms locked around his neck. Zarko lands a punch on the wooky's temple, but it's not enough. The chokehold is relentless, and it's bedtime for Darryl. The wooky's triumph is short-lived, as the boy teeters, totters, and falls backwards on top of his vanquisher. Their skulls bonk together when they hit the ground, and the wooky is knocked out.

Darryl isn't moving.

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