Monday, September 29, 2008

The Brawl: Crane in Vain

Darryl's just been choked out by a half-pint cave wooky...


Buck sees Darryl's dilemma....runs over to where he is...I'm attacking anyone I need to in order to get to him, and I'm going to attempt to check on him.

Dr Rotwang!

Quazarn seizes Darryl's arm, and lets it flop to the ground. Seeing Buck approach, he says, "Is our work here done, Mister Pulsar?"


Checking Darryl for vital signs...

"Our work probably isn't, but looks like the kid's is..."


Creature moves to clobber whoever might bother Buck or Quazran as they check on Darryl.

Attack Roll: 4% HIT
Damage: 9
Saving Throw: 28% MAKE


After the Brawl's first chaotic eruption the arena is quiet. A skirmish here, a shoving match there, but most of the fighters still standing have scattered into loose and wary bunches. Some of the toughest looking fighters appear to have avoided the opening free-for-all entirely, and stand near the walls with their entourages.

The Gibbon drops his guard and bows respectfully as Creature clomps toward him, taking a single step back.

Darryl is unconscious but breathing, his pulse faint but steady. Buck and Quazarn's ministrations are interrupted by a loud *beep*beep*beep* as the crane overhead lowers its shovel bucket.

A goblin work crew hops out and wrestles Darryl and the nearby fallen into the bucket, adding them to the pile of broken, bleeding and groaning Brawlers. "Step back now," orders a gob, tapping the apothecary's badge on his work helmet.

"Lift away!" he calls once Darryl, the wooky and Shepreem are loaded.


"I don't think so!" Buck takes off running for the guy running the shovel...he's jumping up in the cabin and clobbering the bastard so he can gain control of the mechanics.

Lesser Feat: 77%
Rolled: 64%


[The shovel bucket's attached to a crane. The cabin is outside of the arena. With your Lesser Feat roll you can make a successful grab onto the bucket as it raises away.]


Can I pull Daryl out? If not, I'm climbing in there with him....I'm gonna have to take the risk that I can get him out on the other side of where this thing is going, and both of us survive.


[Have you read Mike Mulligan? If you jump you'll be hanging off the tongue at the bottom. There's a couple, three goblins riding along, hanging onto the teeth atop the dipper.]

How many times did I read this as a kid? *So many times*
[NB. Mike Mulligan's steam shovel Mary, no matter how big-hearted, is a cave primitive next to the crane dipping people out of the arena.]


[I live in the redneck capital for shovels...I understand how they work, trust me...I'm trying to make some sort of attempt at either getting him OUT of this thing, or getting me INTO it, cause if I don't try something we're gonna be dealing with a pissed off mother that will hunt us to the end of the earth (and other earths).]


[Cool, just trying to make the situation as clear as possible. Mike Mulligan is one of my all-time favorites, so it's not a dis for me to bring it up :) ]


If I can't do anything else, it looks like I'm riding....I'm at least going with him...I'm not trying to be noble (although "heroic" to the stupid-max fits in with the character), but common sense says if we separate physical distance from him too far, we may not get him back.


[OK, ride along you shall.]


Creature gives Buck a boost as he leaps for the shovel. He stands by to catch Darryl if Buck drops him out of the bucket.

[OOC: I think we would have been fine just letting Darryl go, I mean from what we've been told- they don't kill everyone who gets knocked out.

Still fortune favors the bold, in for a penny in for a pound, and so on. It will certainly be interesting to see how this all turns out.]


[You may be correct, Wulfgar, but I have two fears:
#1-We don't know his condition...I'd rather say we gave it a shot (which probably isn't going to help diddly-squat with his mom's disposition should he expire), and be right there doing all we can, if possible.

#2-I don't trust this whole deal...we don't know enough to really know for sure what they do with the 'losers.' Given we're in a society that didn't really lift an eyebrow when we blew someone (something) away in a public bar, I wonder what the odds are of them actually 'healing up' any losers.

...and then there's the whole fun of 'running the wild risk!' you say, noting ventured, nothing gained!]

Dr Rotwang!

Quazarn assumes an imperious, majestic spell-casting position! He raises his hands toward the shovel as though he were groping an invisible Tura Satana and intones in his deep, seductive voice:
Hargath! Memnos-dookchokk!
I call upon such might
As only titans have ever known,
The strings of reality unravelled
And re-woven by my hand!
Schlemiel! Schlamazel!
Hassepfeffer Discombobulated!
Mystic energies swirl around his hands --and direct themselves toward the shovel!

[Quazarn is casting Troublesome Toy1 on the shovel -- or at least the bucket. Whatever skill I need to use, I roll a 06!]

1 The good Doctor invited me to assign him his starting Warlock spell. I gave him the Ackroydian name Yainwam's Troublesome Toy, which he decided "allows the caster to turn any one item into a small analog of itself with obvious play value (hence the tiny donkey). The resulting "troublesome" toy is so called because some of them (10% chance) have a tendency to animate themselves (or to become belligerent if previously animate), causing much hassle for the warlock."

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