Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Feeding, Inbox Pleading, XP Conceding, Soon Proceding

Non-stop bullet-pointed ACTION:
  • Updated the blog post RSS to Feedburner. Those following along via RSS or Atom feed may need to re-subscribe.
  • I've had an implied request for email updates. I agree! Therefore you can now subscribe via email as well. Sign up in the box to the left and you'll get an email on any day there's a new post to the blog.
  • If you want an email every time someone comments you'll have to subscribe to each post. Just scroll to the bottom of the post in question and click on the "Subscribe by email."
  • Tomorrow night I'll be awarding XP!
  • In the meantime, you might want to put your heads together and figure out your next move. An ape, a caveman, a hobbit and a lizard man meet in a Brawl. Then what?

1 comment:

Hobson said...

Thanks for adding the email subscription!