Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lux Pioneer

Remember this: Everything that you have ever experienced in your entire life has brought you to this instant. All things now are possible in the limitless void of counter-actuality. All things too that are knowable, will be realized in this new dimension of bikini girls with machine guns.

Sounds like heaven. RIP Lux Interior.


Tavis said...

My little brother still remembers my taking him to a Cramps show in ~1986, where his young punker mind was blown by the number of old punkers carrying their kids on their shoulders so they could see the immortals do their thing. I used to work with a research assistant in LA who used to be Lux's roommate, and she had a story about a time where he developed some kind of fungus on his eyeball that was just the kind of thing I desperately wanted to be true of my culture hero.

Max said...

That's awesome Tavis! I have similar memories of going to see the Pogues with my dad in 1987 or so. Not a punk rocker by any stretch, my pop, but he and I shared a lot of music till an unfortunate incident that involved his (short-lived) Nazarene conversion and my copy of ...And Justice For All.

I never saw the Cramps -- never owned an album by them -- but every time I ever heard them on the radio or wherever they rocked my socks.