Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Have You Ever Been Experienced?

XP for all, even the noobs! I mostly just went by the book (p.19), which favors the fightingest PCs -- Buck & Creature would be 2nd level were they still active. But anyone who contributed to the defeat of a foe got a share, whether they used their fists or their wits.

Zarko: 394
Hobson: 201
Thorax: 91
Awesome Dude: 75

I'll continue responding to the post-brawl thread, but I'm leaving the next move up to you guys. Each of your PCs started with a rumor or two (email me if you need a reminder), and if none of those seems worth pursuing I'm open to whatever you dudes throw at me. Once you got a notion of what you wanna do you can gather up your things and skedaddle. We can gloss over travel back to God City central, unless of course you want to make the trek there your next quest.


Dave said...

I've always wanted to see Carhenge. Also, we should get a sweet van with loud pipes that, like, shoot flames and, also, it has a smoke screen and oil slicks and stuff. We could cruise in style, listening to Dick Dale or The Trashmen!!!

Max said...

Hey man, ain't me you gotta convince -- go make your pitch to the other guys!

Dave said...

Im just putting it out there.

I will make my posts about what AD would like to do next in the Tavern thread.

Max said...

Rock on, brutha.